Blessing Bucket

This has been such an exciting ministry. Our vision with "Bucket Blessing" is to fill 5 gallon buckets with necessary staple type food and needed items, then go to the poor areas to distribute the buckets with Bibles and tracts, taking time to witness and pray with people.

Our heart has been to take the gospel to the poor and this has been an open door to do just that. We take buckets of food to very poor neighborhoods, knock on doors, sharing food and spending time talking and making friends. We share the gospel, pray with them and give them Bibles and tracts for kids. The people are so happy to see us and they are really open to the gospel and prayer. In the buckets are also little footballs, crayons, coloring books and candy. The kids always love candy.

There are so many needs. We are so happy to give moms formula for their babies as some were out of milk and no money. One family we met were out of water, their barrels were dry and no money so we were able to get water for them. Several were sick and we prayed with them for healing. They are so very grateful for every little thing you say or do for them and when you go home you can't stop thinking about them and praying for them and thinking how much we have to be thankful for and what a great opportunity of ministry. Several people asked if we could start a Bible Study in their neighbor-hood, so a pastor in San Luis, started a Bible Study in each neighborhood we visited. The Sunday after our outreach, the pastor picked up two van loads of people for church. God is so awesome!