Juvenile Prison

One of the unique situations we have, is to be able to speak into the Teen Juvenile Prison system. Their ages are from 12-18 and they are there, from two to six months awaiting processing into the Federal Men's Prison. We have been asked to speak to the teens about making good choices and the consequences of making poor choices. The Commandant, Rodrigues, has given us much favor.

We have them for two hours each Thursday, and we share a parable or a miracle out of the Bible that they can apply to their lives, then after the teaching, Joy hands out something she has baked especially for them. Many teens have received Jesus as their Savior and we have had the opportunity to minister to the families of the teens also. We also spend time playing games and have done projects with them and also a pancake breakfast having them help with the cooking. The teens only get two hours a day to be out of their cells, so the time we spend with them and they spend with us is very special. We thank the Lord for the opportunity He has given to speak into their lives.